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Join the Logicom Cloud Marketplace ecosystem

It’s time to capitalize on growing demand for Cloud Services and become a trusted Cloud Vendor through your vertical, integrated solution offerings. Cloud ISVs with a subscription-based business model can apply to join the Logicom Cloud Marketplace ecosystem.

Why work with Logicom?

As a trusted partner for Cloud Technology Vendors and one stop-shop for thousands of resellers worldwide, Logicom creates a unique opportunity for Technology Vendors and ISVs to expand their subscription business to new customers

Get onboard and Scale-up fast

We help Service Providers to jumpstart and expand.  Using the market’s most comprehensive online toolset and an API framework, we ensure an easy onboarding experience

Build on Business Intelligence to increase sales

With advanced customer profiling tools, we create upsell and cross-sell opportunities around our Cloud Solutions Portfolio, engaging an extended loyal partner network

Exceptional support

Use Logicom Professional and Support Services to optimize your operations and ensure 24X7 end-customer support for your offerings

Interested to join our ISV program? Contact us
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