Cloud-based email signature solution

With just a few clicks, you can automatically create, distribute and manage standardized email signatures for every Office 365 user, all from a centralized cloud interface. With Letsignit you ensure that 100% of the email signatures sent by your employees comply with your identity and take advantage of a new media to effectively relay your marketing operations.


A free offer that allows all employees to benefit from a free email signature that falls in line with the brand guidelines, simply choose one of the ready to use signature templates from our gallery. In just a few clicks, supply all users who migrate to Office 365 through a simple and fast onboarding process.


Letsignit Business offer makes it possible to promote, plan and track marketing & communication campaigns, differentiate messages according to the collaborators needs and to schedule their display period. All employees can broadcast company news in a controlled and targeted manner.

Key features

Simple tool. Huge impact - A centralized interface to manage all your employees’ email signature so that they no longer have deal with signature-related issues.
Bold your brand, brand your signature - Your brand communication, everyday, by everyone. A creative tool to spread your brand with automatic harmonization of employees’ signatures.
Emails are gold mines - Empower yourself to turn your email signature into a communication asset. Promote, plan and track marketing campaigns: with 121 emails received and 40 sent by the average employee every day email signature represents a goldmine.

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