Azure Reserved Instances

What are Azure Reserved Instances (RIs) ?

Azure RIs are a way of purchasing Azure base compute with a great price and flexibility, in return for upfront payment. This new offering is now available on Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program and enables customers to save up to 72% on IaaS compute by purchasing a VM for a 1 or 3-year period.

Reserved Instances Choices & Customer Commitment

Great Price - More cloud, less cost

Using Windows Server Core Meter
Significantly reduces costs, up to 72% compared to Pay-as-you-go prices for the VM compute while paying a metered rate for Windows Server licenses only.

  • Use Azure Windows Server Licence with metered rates pricing

Using Azure Hybrid Benefits
When combining the cost savings gain from Azure RIs with added value of the Azure Hybrid Benefit, you can save up to 82%.

  • Use existing Windows Server License with SA
  • Purchase Windows Server or SQL Server subscriptions for Azure under CSP

Great Flexibility - Simplicity

Azure Reserved Instances
  • Customers can reassign a Reserved Instance at any time to a different department or to the whole company
Azure Reserved Instances
  • Customers can exchange one Reserved Instance for another
  • Unused duration of original RI is pro-rated and credit is applied to a new 1 or 3-year term RI
Azure Reserved Instances
  • Customers can cancel a Reserved Instance at any time
  • Refunds are pro-rated with a cancellation fee deducted
Reserved Instances Availability
Virtual Machines Types

All VM series will have Reserved Virtual Machines Instance availability with the exception of the A-series,  Av2-series and G-series virtual machines


All global data centers will have  RIs, excluding the sovereign clouds:

  • Germany Central and Germany Northeast
  • US Government and US DOD
  • Greater China

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