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Business Continuity & Resiliency on Cloud

BCDR practices enable organizations to get back on their feet after problems occur, reduce the risk of data loss and reputational harm, and improve operations while decreasing the chance of emergencies.

Business Backup

Simplify data protection from ransomware and human error in the cloud using Azure Backup service.

A cost-effective, one-click backup solution, Azure Backup simplifies data recovery and is easier to enable than other cloud backup

Business Archiving

Archival of business data consumes a huge part of an enterprise’s available data storage capacity.

Blob storage is optimized for storing massive amounts of unstructured data and offers different access tiers, which allow businesses to store blob object data in the most cost-effective manner.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery (DR) plan is a formal plan that helps organizations prepare for disruptive events. 

Azure Site Recovery helps organizations deploy replication, failover, and recovery processes through to help keeping applications running during planned and unplanned outages.

Extend File Server to Cloud

No matter what happens to local file servers businesses must be rest assured that data is safe. 

Azure File Sync is used to centralize organization's file shares in Azure Files, while keeping performance, flexibility, and compatibility of an on-premises file server.

Modern Datacenter

Capitalize on the flexibility, scalability and performance of cloud to transform traditional IT infrastructure, modernize the data centre and get ready for cloud.

SMB Server

Scale when needed and avoid huge costs of overprovisioning.

Build and deploy new Windows virtual machines in Azure. Spend less time running companies infrastructure with the cloud that knows Windows Server best.

SMB Server + Backup

Run and protect Windows & Linux workloads in Azure

Run SMB Servers on Azure and easily add independent and isolated backups to guard against unintended destruction of the data on your VMs.

Migration to Cloud

Simplify the migration of virtual or physical workloads to cloud.

Azure provides a set of easy to use yet powerful tools to discover, assess, and migrate applications, infrastructure, and data to cloud.

Azure Stack

Build and run hybrid applications across datacentres, edge locations, remote offices, and the cloud.

Azure Stack is a portfolio of products that extend Azure services & capabilities to the customer environment of choice.

Hybrid Cloud Sec. & Monitoring

Simplify the migration of virtual or physical workloads to cloud.

Azure provides a set of easy to use yet powerful tools to discover, assess, and migrate applications, infrastructure, and data to cloud.

Application Modernization

Application modernization is the refactoring, re-purposing or consolidation of legacy software to align it more closely with current business needs.

Web Applications

Every organization relies on mission-critical web applications that need scale with the business

Quickly build and deploy your web applications using a fully-managed platform, without the burden of managing infrastructure.


A state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability.

Azure App Service Web Apps provides a scalable, secure and easy to use environment for production grade WordPress sites that can handle a large volume of visitors.

Serverless Applications

Serverless computing enables developers to build applications faster by eliminating the need to manage infrastructure.  

Full managed, end-to-end Azure serverless solutions to boost developer productivity, optimize resources, and accelerate the pace of innovation.

Development & Testing

Accelerate Dev/Test operations with high-performance, scalable cloud development environments.

Azure DevTest Labs is a service that can be used to quickly set up a test or a development lab in Azure while minimizing waste and controlling cost.

Modern Desktop

Desktop and Application Virtualization facilitate secure and convenient remote access that helps boost employee productivity along with a consistent experience across multiple devices.

Citrix Virtual Applications

Deliver virtual applications to any device while strengthening data security, reducing costs and increasing user productivity.

Citrix and Microsoft deliver an integrated experience that simplifies on-boarding for Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials and Azure IaaS, providing a single interface to design, deploy and deliver virtualized Windows apps from Azure.

Citrix Virtual Desktops

Simplify Windows 10 on Azure deployment and management at-scale.

Citrix and Microsoft partner to deliver an integrated experience for Virtual Desktops Essentials and Azure IaaS. This partnership allows companies to deploy desktops quickly, manage at scale, and deliver a rich user access experience from a single management plane.

Windows Virtual Apps & Desktops

Deploy and scale virtualized Windows desktops and apps on Azure.

Windows Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud. It delivers simplified management, multi-session Windows 10 and support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments.

Intelligent Cloud

Cloud provides easy access to next generation technologies and services that unlock new capabilities for creating powerful and intelligent applications for any industry.


Build and manage secure and scalable enterprise IoT solutions to quickly connect millions of devices.

Azure IoT Central is highly secure, scales with the business as it grows, ensures investments are repeatable, and integrates with existing business apps.


Streamline interactions between people and services, enhancing customer experience.

Azure Bot Service and Bot Framework provide tools to build, test, deploy, and manage intelligent bots, all in one place that can be used to reach customers across multiple channels.

Big Data & Analytics

Extract meaningful insights by leveraging effective big data technologies to analyse a growing volume and variety of data.

Azure provides robust services for analysing big data, utilizing services such as Data Lake Storage and Analytics, Data Factory and SQL Data Warehouse.


Run large-scale parallel and high-performance computing jobs and apps efficiently in the cloud.

Azure Batch schedules compute-intensive work to run on a managed pool of virtual machines, and can automatically scale compute resources to meet the needs of the jobs.

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