Azure Plan – Threshold Alerts

New Feature

In our continuous efforts to improve Logicom Cloud Marketplace security and monitoring features, we are happy to inform you that Forecast and Thresholds have now been added to all Azure Plans.

Important Notes:

Monthly Bill Forecast is calculated by Microsoft and is automatically updated multiple times per day on the Logicom Cloud Marketplace.
• Pricing is based on SRP.
Threshold field: Threshold defaults values are as per the actual usage of May 2022 plus 15%. This is just a starting/default value. Logicom Reseller have the capability to adjust this value based on the legitimate expected end of month consumption (in SRP).
Email recipients field: The emails that will be notified in case the Forecasted end of month usage is expected to exceed the threshold value. Default values include Logicom Sales email and Reseller email as defined on the marketplace profile. Resellers have the right to adjust this value. Logicom’s advices not to remove the Logicom Cloud sales emails.