Multi-factor Authentication on Logicom Cloud Marketplace

Logicom is introducing multi-factor authentication for all marketplace users.

This is part of Logicom’s continuous efforts to strengthen Logicom Cloud Marketplace security and to reduce any potential exposure in the unlike event when a user’s account credentials get compromised.  Also, this is a requirement that is in alignment with Microsoft’s Secure Application Model for CSP.

This requirement will be implemented according to Logicom announcements.

This is a mandatory requirement for all Marketplace Users to enable Multi-Factor-Authentication for their accounts.

Upon login users will be prompted to setup MFA to successfully complete the login process.

A detailed how-to guide in presented in the MFA enablement windows as shown below:

Steps Outline

  1. Install an authenticator application on your Android or iOS:
    • Microsoft Authenticator or
    • Google Authenticator
  2. Add an account
    • On Google Authenticator App: select the + sign and choose Scan barcode
    • On Microsoft Authenticator App: select the + sign and choose Work or school account
  3. Scan the QR code
  4. Type the 2-step verification code provided by the authenticator app in the box
  5. Click Save to complete the process

For more information you may contact

Logicom Cloud Sales


Logicom Cloud Customer Care



If you change your mobile device please send an email to The MFA will be disabled and then you have to re-enable the MFA to your new device according to the steps described above.