Microsoft Perpetual Software on Logicom Cloud Marketplace

We are excited to announce that Perpetual Software is now available on Logicom Cloud Marketplace.

Logicom Cloud Marketplace drives simplification across both licensing programs, and adds value to its partners’ business outcomes.

Logicom Cloud Partners can now meet customer hybrid (Open) license needs while simultaneously providing those customers with a direct path to the cloud.


Desktop Tools

Infrastructure Servers

Productivity Servers

Word, Excel, Project, Visio and more

Windows Server, SQL Server, Biztalk Server

Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Project Server

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What are software licenses (also known as perpetual software) in CSP and what products are available?

(Perpetual) software licenses are licenses for on-premises Microsoft products such as Office Pro Plus or SQL Server, that a customer acquires in perpetuity. In the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, the software is license-only (L-only) and does not include the option to add Software Assurance (SA). This new set of offers gives qualified partners the opportunity to use one program to sell a greater breadth of Microsoft products. Partners are still able to procure software licenses through Open License, Open Value, and other programs as appropriate for their customer’s’ business needs.

Software licenses available in CSP include desktop tools such as Word, Excel, Project, and Visio; infrastructure servers that include Windows Server, SQL Server, Biztalk Server; and productivity servers that include Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, and Project Server

What is the recommended customer profile for this offer?

Customers include any organization that is serviced by a partner in CSP that also needs to purchase a discrete number of software licenses available in the catalog. The addition of software licenses to the CSP program allows qualified partners to leverage the same improved commerce experience also used to provide cloud services, giving customers a broader set of offers and solutions, easing customer transitions to the cloud. Partners can provide a simplified experience for customers who need licenses and managed services to support their hybrid environments and who desire to transact with a single partner.

Software licenses in CSP do not replace any current offerings available through other Microsoft licensing programs. Software licenses in CSP have been created to help partners in CSP to provide more options to their customers. These partners can still use Microsoft Open and other Microsoft volume licensing programs that are better suited for their customers’ needs.

Volume discounts from Microsoft are not available for software licenses sold through CSP.

Any available incentives programs will be separately communicated from Microsoft to partners

No, this is not possible. Full payment is required upfront.

The cost is set at time of transaction and any price changes would apply to subsequent purchases of licenses.

There is no minimum purchase commitment for customers purchasing in CSP.

There is no limit to how many licenses a customer can purchase in CSP.

There are two aspects to the process related to selling software licenses through CSP. The partner must:

  1. Order the software for the intended end customer and,
  2. Provide the end customer with access to the product key(s) and the software available for download. For the latter there are now two options.

While partners can still obtain software keys and bits for the end customer using Partner Center, we strongly recommend that partners now leverage the Microsoft 365 Admin Center (MAC), where customers can retrieve their own license keys instead. The fulfillment of bits and keys in MAC further enhances the secure delivery of software purchased and allows customers to manage their subscriptions and self-serve at their convenience, improving the customer experience. This also reduces partner risks associated with copying and sending license keys from Partner Center directly to the customer. For additional security, all partner activities for accessing and delivering software keys and downloads are now tracked in the Partner Center Activity Log. With this new activity logging feature, partners can track internal user access to create orders, get keys and downloads, and have more control and reducing potential fraud risk.

The move to offer software licenses in CSP is needed to meet customers wherever they are in their digital transformation. This enhancement provides a solution to a customer’s hybrid needs. While these changes start with software licenses, Microsoft may expand to additional offers like Software Assurance (SA) in the future. While CSP doesn’t yet offer software licenses with SA, other offers in CSP (such as server subscriptions) offer some of the benefits available in SA such as Azure Hybrid benefits

Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHB) is available in CSP with Windows Server and SQL Server subscriptions, so customers in need of AHB should purchase those. AHB is not available for software perpetual licenses in CSP, because Software Assurance (SA) is not sold in CSP.

A CSP customer may use Azure Hybrid Benefits with their Azure VMs and other resources if they have made qualifying SA or subscription purchases, including purchases made outside CSP.

No. There are no transfer capabilities within CSP.

In alignment with CSP policy for software products, software licenses purchased in CSP may be returned within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. Partial returns are not allowed, and beyond the 60 days no returns or exchanges are allowed. The order will be credited 100% credit and the keys will be deactivated. Exchanges do not apply to software licenses purchased in CSP.

Partners are required to be the first point of contact for customer support issues directly related to the procurement, license key access/activation, and product media/download fulfillment of products in CSP:

  • Partner is not required to provide product technical support
  • Partners can provide support guidance and direct a customer to purchase pay-per incident support from the partner, Microsoft or a third-party for technical issues
  • Partner will provision or guide customers in self-serve provisioning of Volume Licensing Activation Keys in the Microsoft Admin Center (MAC)
  • Partner will fulfill or guide customers in self-serve fulfilment of software media via download functions in the MAC

Partners can choose to provide customers support themselves, they can direct customers to pay for a support incident at from Microsoft, or customers can select another third-party support solution.

Partners should contact the support team from within Partner Center support page.