Azure Plan

Introducing Azure Plan – New Commerce Experience in Logicom Cloud Marketplace

New commerce capabilities for Azure to accelerate your business growth

Streamline and improve the way customers buy and consume Azure services while having a consistent view of Azure pricing across sales motions and USD pricing for global consistency.

The plan simplifies the purchase experience and enables you to broaden your influence and further help your customers to digitally transform. The largest opportunity for partners is providing value-added services that meet the changing landscape.

Engage through Logicom Cloud Marketplace

  • Provision Azure Services under the Azure Plan for new Customers within Logicom Cloud Marketplace
  • Transition existing customers from their existing CSP Azure offer to Azure services under the Azure plan with a few simple clicks within Logicom Cloud Marketplace.

Read the FAQ to become familiar with the new Azure Experience

The Full Azure catalogue is available and new offerings will be announced without any delay

The original Azure offer will be deprecated in a phased approach starting in calendar year 2021

No service disruption. It’s a totally seamless process that takes a few seconds. Original Azure Subscription will be retained in Logicom Cloud Marketplace for historical referencing

No, the Original Azure subscription will be replaced by the new Azure Plan. Also note that there in no option available to revert back to the Original Azure once provisioning/transitioning to new Azure Plan.

All Subscriptions under the original Azure offer can be easily transitioned to the new Azure offer. Partners are provided with this option during provisioning of the Azure Plan as seen below

Discount for Logicom Cloud Partners will be calculated on managed resources only. Logicom Cloud Marketplace automatically detects managed and unmanaged resources by partners.

Unmanaged resources will not contain any discount. Additionally there will be a Subscription administration fee that will appear on your monthly Logicom Invoice.

Special Product Terms

1. Azure Plan Pricing and usage

1.1. Microsoft Azure is a usage-based service. Azure rates can be changed without notice by Microsoft

1.2. Resource usage is measured by Microsoft on an hourly basis and current usage is updated daily in Logicom Cloud Marketplace (LCMP) automatically

1.3. Because of a delay in the usage reporting on Microsoft backend systems, the usage data that are displayed in LCMP during the billing period are provided as an estimate

1.4. Logicom retains the right to correct invoices with updated usage information if the information was provided with a delay by Microsoft.

1.5 For the Azure resources the customer will remove AOBO privileges from either Logicom and/or Reseller, Logicom will bill the reseller based on the Microsoft ERP price for this specific service.  Additionally, the reseller will be charged the Logicom Administration Fee as described on the Configuration tab of the respective service in the LCMP.

2. Terms of Product offerings 

2.1. Logicom may terminate the offering of this Product Subscriptions with a 14 (fourteen) days’ notice to the end of a month. Existing Product Subscriptions concerned remain effective until the 12 months’ subscription term ends (individually for each of such Product Subscriptions) even if the aforementioned notice period has lapsed.

2.2. This product is made available to the reseller under the Terms and Conditions of the “Logicom Cloud Reseller Agreement” that are available in Logicom Cloud Marketplace 

2.3. Product Subscriptions may only be changed according to the Microsoft Customer Agreement

2.4. Disaster recovery and business continuity plan copy is not available.

2.5. There is no warranty or indemnification other than if foreseen in the Microsoft Customer agreement.

2.6 The latest version of the Microsoft Customer Agreement can be found at