Azure Plan Policies

Azure Policies Purpose

The purpose of the Logicom Cloud Marketplace Azure policies is to apply additional security standards to help improve the security of your customers’ Azure Plan environments from unplanned/unauthorized deployments of the below Virtual Machine types:

  • H-Series: High Performance Computing virtual machines
  • N-Series: GPU enabled virtual machines
  • Azure Spot Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Azure Batch Accounts
  • Azure Machine Learning workspaces

More types of policies may be applied in the future to further enhance security.

Scope: The above Azure Policies will be applied to all new and existing Azure Plans in Logicom Cloud Marketplace

How to disable them
Choose Azure Plan and select Manage Security from the footer menu bar

Select Temporary disable policy

Security action - Customer only sees the options to enable or disable temporarily.

Azure Subscription - customer may apply exception to all or certain azure subscription.

See policy status in Logicom Marketplace

See policy status in Azure portal - Enabled

You have to search and open the Policy section in Azure Portal and you will see the below result to confirm that the policies are compliant. 

Important Reminder

Reseller and Customer responsibility for security: For all cloud deployment types, Reseller and Customer owns their uploaded data and identities. Resellers shall inform and ensure that Customers are responsible for protecting the security of their data and identities, and the cloud components they control.

Reseller shall ensure that its Customers comply with Microsoft’s guide in in relation to Customer’s security obligations which can be found in the following link, as it may be amended or supplemented from time to time by Microsoft: