Logicom Cloud Web

A lightweight web-based diagramming solution that gives users an opportunity to create, share and store basic diagrams anywhere.

What Visio does?

Visio Online lets you create, edit, and share basic diagrams in your favorite browser. Starting is easy with modern UI and intuitive Getting Started experience. Ready-made templates are designed to meet needs of various audiences. Collaborate with your team to create visuals by getting comments from others – diagrams are stored securely in OneDrive storage provided. When the diagram is complete, share it with everyone in the organization, even if they do not have a license.

Key Capabilities

  • Start diagramming quickly in just a few clicks. The intuitive getting started experience provides a select set of pre-crafted starter diagrams and contextual tips and tricks to help complete diagrams quickly.
  • Create impactful diagrams with ready-to-use visuals and themes. Visualize information using diagrams, graphs, matrices, hierarchies, and flowcharts. vibrant icons, shapes, symbols, and colours.
  • Share and collaborate with others all in a web browser. Simply and securely share a web-based link, attachment, image, or PDF. Review and add comments directly in the browser. Store diagrams securely with 2 GB of cloud storage from OneDrive.

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