Letsignit: An email signature solution for Office 365

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Now it is your chance to upgrade your customers to Letsignit Business and give them the change to boost their communication with a richest solution with marketing campaign features of Letsignit.

Letsignit Business offer makes it possible to promote, plan and track marketing & communication campaigns, differentiate messages according to the collaborators needs and to schedule their display period. All employees can broadcast company news in a controlled and targeted manner.

Simple tool. Huge impact.

A centralized interface to manage all your employees’ email signatures so that they no longer have to deal with signature-related issues.

Relax, it’s so easy to use!

Automatically push email signatures to each new email in Outlook (available for Mac & Windows, no administrator rights needed). Users can preview signatures before sending and also check/modify contact information.

Plug & play:

In one click, distribute email signatures on Office 365 webmail and on any mobile device.


  • Automatically insert/update email signatures in Outlook, Office 365 webmail and on any mobile device
  • Templates library
  • Access to Letsignit Drag & Drop
  • Designer ™
  • Multiple signatures/campaigns
  • Reply/forward
  • Azure AD synchronization:
  • employee data, groups and custom
  • fields
  • Custom groups
  • User Management
  • Image Hosting
  • Marketing banners insertion
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Trackable clicks
  • Performance statistics

Letsignit Business

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Letsignit Business

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0,67€/ 0,78$ user/month
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