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The HTTPCS Cybersecurity Toolkit is comprised of 4 modules to ensure protection against hackers 365 days a year

Whether you have a showcase site, an e-commerce site or a SaaS application, each module will protect you efficiently against the IT threats facing your organization: web vulnerability scanner, website monitoring, threat intelligence platform and web integrity controller. HTTPCS solutions create a powerful shield against hackers.

Security simulates daily & automatically the hacker’s behavior and performs all the attacks scenarios against a website or web application to identify all types of vulnerabilities without impacting the website.

Monitoring examines the server and the web services of a website or web app every 60 seconds from 50 locations worldwide to notify in real time the admin if his website is down anywhere.

Cyber Vigilance
Cyber Vigilance infiltrates hackers networks and hackers forums to alert in real time the user in case of data leaks or any hacking campaign underway

Integrity scans 100% of the websites and web apps, external sources included to notify the user whenever there is a fraudulent change on them

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*Terms and Conditions

  • The free trial is provided to customers through Logicom Cloud Partners. If you are not a Logicom Cloud Partner you can apply here
  • A 14-day trial period is offered to test the HTTPCS cybersecurity suite. It provides:
    • limited access to Security: the details of the flaws on the audit reports are not available except for one vulnerability per website
    • full access to Monitoring (no limitations)
    • full access to Integrity (no limitations)
    • limited access to Cyber Vigilance: the Data Events are not available (only Infra Events).