Edit, share, synchronize and secure files from anywhere – online and offline! 

Nomadesk is a powerful cloud-based Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution. Thanks to the seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365, it provides access to the best of class productivity tools to work on files in the Cloud

Key characteristics
Encrypted and Cached on the Vault

files are offline available; traceable with remote wipe (i.e., Theftguard)


to your other devices using a delta-block sync protocol

Backed-up in a Secure Datacenter

retention of multiple versions; cloud based trashcan, datacenters in North Carolina, Frankfurt


Customers can invite others to their Vaults for collaborating on files; use the Nomadesk widget to automatically publish content on their website; share file links via the Outlook plugin


your files are made accessible via any smartphone, tablet; encrypted cache with remote wipe​

Online editable

through Office 365 integration, customers can effortlessly view, edit and collaborate simultaneously on Office files from any device​

Value Proposition to the customer

  • Work from anywhere
  • At anytime
  • From any device
  • In a secure and easy way
  • Competitive all-inclusive monthly fee
  • Control your TCO
from trusted Partner
  • Logicom is a trusted Partner
  • Receive support on the spot

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