Azure Assessments with HealthCheck for Azure

HealthCheck for Azure makes it easy to get started

BitTitan HealthCheck for Azure transforms Azure assessments by giving you the data you need to illustrate true ROI and create what-if scenarios with the corresponding workload migrations and consumption. Help your customer explore immediate needs and long-term goals that lead to Azure consumption and recurring revenue for your business.

Readiness check

Discover the most common migration blockers to plan a smoother migration. Gather data and report on operating system, browser and software versions, admin credentials, bandwidth and more.

Cost analysis

Easily distribute a lightweight agent through Group Policy or email — entirely remotely. Assess cloud readiness across all relevant on-premises infrastructure, remote workstations, servers and devices securely, without causing any interruption.

Detailed planning

See a visual mapping of all infrastructure to learn dependencies between various nodes and apps. Choose optimal migration settings and firewall rules. Get ready for stress-free migration.

The agent collects data on the following:

Processor time


Memory and application usage

Disk usage and access

Disk iOPS and disk mappings

Network usage and services

Ports used

Ingress and egress communication

Key Benefits

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