Manage Pay-as you- go subscriptions while keeping control of your customers’ bill.
Logicom Partners can take of advantage of Microsoft Azure enterprise-grade cloud computing platform and respond to customers’ increasing need for greater flexibility and elasticity by using the advanced framework Logicom Cloud Marketplace provides.

Key characteristics

  • Effectively manage a consumption- based service billed on a monthly basis
  • Ability to monitor consumption, set thresholds and get notification alerts
  • Include your own value added services and position on value not on price
  • Scale-up your Azure Revenue by utilizing best practices delivered to you by a Logicom dedicated team of Azure Cloud Presales and Architects

Get Started

Learn how you can optimize your Cloud Profitability from selling Azure. Use all our experts knowledge to sell and implement Azure subscriptions. Get access to Azure playbooks and documentation designed from Logicom experts to help you grow fast and deliver high customer satisfaction. Local sales and presales teams are also available to you to design and help-you execute your go-to-market activities on Azure.

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