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Extend File Server to Cloud

This solution includes the resources to extend your file server to the cloud in an efficient, scalable and powerful way using the Azure Files and Azure File Sync. Azure Files offers fully managed file shares in the cloud that are accessible via the industry standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol (also known as Common Internet File System or CIFS).

Azure File shares can be mounted concurrently by cloud or on-premises deployments of Windows, Linux, and macOS. Additionally, Azure File shares can be cached on Windows Servers with Azure File Sync (preview) for fast access near where the data is being used.

Solution Characteristics and Business Benefits​

Solution Characteristics
  • Offers centralized file services in Azure storage
  • Ability to integrate with Azure Backup Vault services
  • Cache data in multiple locations for fast, local performance
  • Multi-site access provides write access to the same data across Windows Servers and Azure Files
  • Data at rest encryption
Business Benefits
  • Eliminate the need to Backup File servers locally
  • Eliminate the need for a DR for File Servers
  • Keep data in sync between multiple locations
  • Protect investment by keeping existing Windows 2012/R2 or 2016 File Servers
  • Reserve File Server space by store only recently accessed data on local servers
  • Solve global access problems
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Solution Reference Architecture

Indicative Diagram


  • Azure File Sync supports only Windows 2012 R2 and 2016 (Full with UI)
  • With Cloud Tiering feature enabled infrequently used or accessed files can be tiered to Azure Files
  • Currently Azure File Sync is in Public Preview
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Solutions Component Details

This solution consists of the following Azure resources:
  • Resource Group: A logical container for a collection of resources that can be treated as one logical instance. You can use resource groups to control all of their members collectively
  • Storage Account: Microsoft Azure cloud storage to store the file share
  • Azure File Sync: It keeps your Azure File share in-sync with your on-premises Window Servers. It has the ability to tier files between your on-premises file server and Azure Files.
  • Backup & Site Recovery (OMS): Azure resource for backup
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Solution Reference Sizing

This solution has the following cost factors:

  • Size of Data protected and expected operations
  • Number of sync servers
  • Bandwidth: data transferred out of Azure Data centers
  • Backup price per month per instance per size


  • Currently Azure File Sync is free for one Sync Server (Details)

Indicative configuration and pricing summary:

*All prices shown are in Euro (€). This is a summary estimate, not a quote. For up to date pricing information please contact your local Logicom team.

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