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Site Recovery refers to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. It is essential for organizations to figure out how to keep their data safe and apps/workloads running when planned and unplanned outages occur.

Azure Site Recovery contributes to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy, by orchestrating and automating replication of Azure VMs between regions, on-premises virtual machines and physical servers to Azure, and on-premises machines to a secondary datacenter.

Solution Characteristics and Business Benefits​

  • Automated protection and replication
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Customizable recovery plans
  • No impact recovery plan testing
  • Orchestrated recovery when needed
  • Replication-to and recovery-in Azure
  • Save on secondary infrastructure investments
  • Ensure apps work when you need them the most
  • Perform tests any time for complete confidence
  • Simple, automated protection and disaster recovery in the cloud
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Solution Reference Architecture



  • Azure Site Recovery replicates workloads running on VMs and physical servers so that they remain available in a secondary location if the primary site isn't available.
  • Azure Site Recovery keeps applications running on VMs and physical servers available if a site goes down
  • Azure Site Recovery recovers workloads to the primary site when it's up and running again
  • VMs in Azure are not created until a failover occurs
  • Azure VPN is not mandatory but recommended for DR implementations with ASR
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Solutions Component Details

This solution consists of the following Azure resources:
  1. Resource Group: A logical container for a collection of resources that can be treated as one logical instance. You can use resource groups to control all of their members collectively
  2. Virtual network: A logically isolated network in Microsoft Azure
  3. Storage Account: Microsoft Azure cloud storage to store the protected data
  4. Backup & Site Recovery (OMS): Azure resource for site recovery
  5. Configuration Server: Deployed on premise for VMWare VMs and Physical servers.
  6. Optional Network solutions for Site to Site connection if needed
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Solutions Implementation Steps and references

  1. Create Resource Group


  1. Replicating VMware VMs to Azure Step-By-Step Guide


  1. Replicating Hyper-V MVs to Azure Step-by-Step Guide


  1. Replicating Physical Servers to Azure Step-by-Step Guide


      5. Create Azure Site-2-Site VPN Step-by-Step Guide


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Solution Reference Sizing

This solution has the following cost factors:

  • Azure Site recovery price per month per instance
  • Size of Data protected

Note: The cost of the VMs is not included because they only get created after the failover. 

Indicative configuration and pricing summary:

*All prices shown are in Euro (€). This is a summary estimate, not a quote. For up to date pricing information please contact your local Logicom team.

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