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Office 365 Migration with FLY

Easily migrate and consolidate your critical mail, content, and collaborative workspaces into Office 365

AvePoint has one of the fastest tools on the market to consolidate and migrate on-premises Exchange, SharePoint, and file shares, or other cloud content in Teams, Groups, Box, Dropbox, Slack, and Google Drive, into your Office 365 cloud.

Tackle Migration Projects with ease in Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Know what’s relevant and important, or just collecting dust before your move. Understand your existing information architecture to avoid potential risks or pitfalls, to improve the migration planning.

Step 2

Move entire drives, mail instances, site collections, or individual lists and libraries to achieve your desired end goal with drag-and-drop ease. Then filter, map, configure, import, and schedule the move, or just migrate in real time.

Step 3

Track migration status and progress on the dashboard, validate your migration, generate reports that highlight actions taken, and always be in the know with automated updates sent directly to stakeholders.

Business Benefits

One-stop-shop to ensure migration success. Pre-migration scanning and discovery flags any potential risks, elements that require mapping to be successfully migrated, and improves planning with detailed source system analysis. Perform test runs to make sure your migration plans are configured appropriately, before your production migrations. Detailed job reports help to track progress, and validate migration results.

Minimize business disruption. Maintain platform coexistence during your migration project, so users can continue working uninterrupted until their switch-over to the new system. Comprehensive mapping ensures legacy assets are preserved, and successfully transformed into Office 365.

Migrate on your terms. Take what you need, leave what you don’t with automated filters based on scope or properties. Set schedules to align with your project timelines, or around business hours.

Product Features

  • Delegate migration plan management based on administrative roles
  • Discover data across supported source systems to identify areas of risk – including file size limits, customizations, workflows, obsolete or abandoned content, and user information – that must be mapped, discarded, or archived in order to migrate successfully into SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.
  • Perform test runs of configured plans and mappings to validate migration plan configuration.
  • Migrate data directly into pre-created SharePoint Online sites or OneDrive for Business instances, or create sites on the fly. Selectively migrate content based on filter options, or by scope (e.g. entire site collections, or a single library) to prioritize according to business need.
  • Schedule migration plans around business hours or according to organizational time-tables. With full and subsequent incremental migration options, keep source and destination environments in sync during the migration project, avoiding business disruption.
  • Maintain critical metadata, actions, as well as out-of-the-box, Designer, or Nintex workflows. Ahead of your migration, our discovery tools will let you know if any customizations, design elements, or workflows may be impacted and develop an appropriate strategy to ensure continuity of business operations.
  • With options to optimize bandwidth consumption and maintain platform co-existence during the migration project, minimize user disruption until migrated data is approved for roll-out.
  • Validate migrated data by comparing source and target environments as well as identifying and correcting any errors. View and track the migration project status through detailed job reports.

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