Backup & Recovery

Protect Groups, Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and more

Whatever data you’ve got, AvePoint Cloud Backup for Office 365 can protect it. Avepoint’s 100% SaaS platform keeps business-critical emails, calendars, sites, groups, teams, projects, files, and conversations secured with unlimited, automatic backup and anywhere storage. Plus, with the help of AVA, AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant, you’ll be able to locate and recover lost content— from wherever and whenever— with item-level restore.

Cloud Backup for Office 365

Backup for the social set — Office 365 Exchange, Groups, Teams, and more!

In modern workplaces, anyone, anywhere can access, create, and share. Cloud Backup protects and restores it all—so it’s safe in Office 365. Restore is a breeze with delegated controls for power users, or just ask AVA—your new virtual assistant—for help directly from Microsoft Teams!

Why do I need Office 365 backup?

Office 365 Backup: the most flexible restore there is.

AvePoint backup provides comprehensive coverage for all the collaboration materials you generate, and not just the files. What sets AvePoint Cloud Backup apart, though, is the restore. With extensive options, we’ll meet your needs with ease.

Backup for GDPR, Governance, & Compliance

Cloud Backup helps you meet your GDPR, Governance, and Compliance requirements—whether you’re subject to GDPR or need to respond to internal audits for mail, calendars, and OneDrives. No matter what, we’ve got you covered with a dedicated Privacy Dashboard. 

Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365

Around-the-clock protection for business-critical Dynamics 365 CRM with automated backups, and granular, item-level restore. Store data wherever and recover whenever—it’s safe with our 256-bit encryption.

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