Your ethical hacker that secures websites and web applications

The HTTPCS is composed of 4 additional modules to ensure protection against hackers 365 days a year. Whether you have a showcase site, an e-commerce site or a SaaS application, each module will protect you efficiently against the IT threats facing your organization: web vulnerability scanner, website monitoring, threat intelligence platform and web integrity controller.
HTTPCS solutions create a powerful shield against hackers.


Security simulates daily & automatically the hacker's behavior and performs all the attacks scenarios against a website or web application to identify all types of vulnerabilities without impacting the website.
100% Mapping

The HTTPCS allows the robot to crawl all your content, including dynamic content (Javascript) in order to audit and secure 100% of the system perimeter of a website or web application.

Daily automated audits

HTTCS Security allows you to schedule daily audits to protect your website 365 days a year. Configures the desired audit and receive daily reports for optimal protection throughout the year.

« Zero false positives »

HTTPCS guarantees « zero false positive » : any detected vulnerability corresponds to a real threat that could be exploited by hackers.

Machine Learning

Crawl through your site testing a variety of attack scenarios and learning from each scan before defining new attack strategies in order to identify new vulnerabilities.

Monitoring examines the server and the web services of a website or web app every 60 seconds from 50 locations worldwide to notify in real time the admin if his website is down anywhere.


Web performance analysis

Access all statistics regarding latency and load times in order to assess the performance of your site or web app.

Monitoring freq: every 60s

HTTPCS Monitoring analyzes the availability and the performance of your website in real time, allowing you to be alerted in case of unavailability or anomaly found on your website or web application.

Real time alerts 24/7

In just a few clicks, easily configure these alerts in order for them to reach the right recipient through the right channels (mail or SMS), at any time.

Anticipate «down times»

If HTTPCS Monitoring detects a change in your system’s behaviour, you will be alerted so you can anticipate any « down time » before they occur.

Cyber Vigilance

Cyber Vigilance infiltrates hackers networks and hackers forums to alert in real time the user in case of data leaks or any hacking campaign underway.
Stay ahead of hackers

The dark web contains large numbers of encrypted sites, not indexed and therefore not accessible to conventional search engines. HTTPCS “scans” the web and the deep web to make this information available to its clients.

Big Data

HTTPCS Cyber Vigilance collects an average of 5 million data records per day resulting from data leaks! From small businesses to multinational companies and government bodies, no organization is spared by this phenomenon.

Real time alerts 24/7

Be informed in real time of all information exchanged on the deep web and on the darknet (hackers’ networks and malicious forums) related to your IP addresses, domain names, brand names or business email addresses

Detect all cyber threats

Malicious sites, phishing sites, vulnerable sites, software vulnerabilities, hacked sites, encrypted or “unencrypted” passwords that might have been stolen, “Zero Day” attacks, database violations, etc. 

Integrity scans 100% of the websites and web apps, external sources included to notify the user whenever there is a fraudulent change on them


How do I know if I'm being hacked?

HTTPCS Integrity will alert you to any changes on your website or web application that may be dangerous or fraudulent.

Full website mapping

Access in real time the complete mapping of your site or web application: urls, images, server errors, 404 errors, 301 and 302 redirects, SSL certificate errors, external sources

Master external sources

HTTPCS Integrity does not only map your site and your internal links but it goes further by also scanning your external sources (Javascript, CSS, images, …).

Real time alerts 24/7

A modification on your website or web application? Be the first to know about it with HTTPCS Integrity’s real-time alert.

Full Security

Full Security package includes SECURITY PLUS, MONITORING, CYBER VIGILANCE and INTEGRITY for global protection.
100% SaaS automated cybersecurity suite comprised of 4 complementary but independent modules to guarantee:
for websites & web applications

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