Xopero data protection for business
Total data protection, backup and restore – protect your data onsite and in the cloud.

Xopero Cloud is a new generation of cloud backup solution that combines the enterprise security and fast recovery to keep your data safe and accessible no matter what.

Advanced cloud backup for computers, servers and virtual environment, Xopero offers comprehensive data protection: from a single laptop or smartphone, through to servers, databases, mailboxes and virtual machines.

Xopero Cloud can back up an unlimited amount of data and devices to a secure and flexible cloud. ”Pay-as-you-use” model and storage size limited only by business needs make it a perfect solution for companies of any scale.

Why Xopero Cloud?


Key features

Easy configuration

Simply install the app on the device you want to automatically back up and stop worrying about the data – it’s already protected.

Security first

AES 256 encryption, 128-bits SSL, a private/public key and certified and redundant data center give you 100% guarantee of data security.

No limits

“Pay-as-you-go” model lets your customer back up data and devices on storage crafted to his needs. If wants more – can upgrade it anytime!

Central management

Manage all your customers in one simple console and get daily reports. Do backups and restore data remotely from your office.

Protect whatever you want...

...also with unique and Smart Technologies

Smart Virtualization Stick (SVS)

running image as a virtual machine on any device from pen drive.

Smart Independent Restore

restoring image to any device from pendrive (bare metal restore).

Secure data sharing

create a shared folder between different devices. The data in this folder is fully encrypted.

Xopero Image Tool

enables conversion of image to VMDK, VHD, VHDX formats which can be run in popular virtualizer.

Web user panel

A user-friendly user management portal designed based on customers’ feedback and reviews.

The files can be accessed from any place in the world from the Internet browser.

Xopero Cloud has everything your customer might need for his data protection policy. Backup automation of all possible data and system, fast data recovery, smart technologies, apps that let him manage and monitor backup statuses wherever he is and much more.

And you do not have to worry about their data anymore – manage and monitor backups of all your clients in one simple central management console and receive daily reports.

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