NEST – Strengthen Your Security With Logicom!

NEST – Strengthen Your Security With Logicom!


In January 2018, Logicom Cloud Business Unit introduced The Nest Bundles, in collaboration with Microsoft and different other vendors like Bitdefender, Acronis and HP.

Coupled with that announcement was the New Cloud Website, which combines all the information needed for our partners to have a successful digital transformation.

Lead Customers to a Secure Cloud Experience.

Taking your customers into cloud can be a big challenge; they are used to traditional practices to secure their environments. Security in the cloud is today’s #1 test for 2018.  

That is where our Security focus came from and built the practice to help you lead your customers to a completely new experience, with a core mission to ensure a high level of protection.

Are you and your customers secure?

Increasingly, Business Data is being stored online in the cloud.

With Logicom, you can now provide your environment and your customers’ environment with the best-in-class cloud services thru our newly launched NEST Bundles.

Logicom offers you solutions to cater all your needs to a more secure Cloud Business Environment, and helps you to save on costs, extend your security with a monthly payment option and more flexibility. 

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