Maplytics – Locational Intelligence Simplified

Maplytics, a robust map visualization app for Dynamics 365 that extracts the geographical insights hidden in the CRM data empowering the Management to understand the location aspect of the business analytics with powerful Analytical Dashboards & Heat Maps.

Why You Should Have Maplytics as part of Your CRM Strategy

Choosing the right CRM system for your business is a very important decision for the future growth and success of your business. Choosing the reputable and leading (according to Gartner Magic Quadrant) Microsoft, Dynamics 365, could be one of the most wise and smart decisions you have made for your company, since it’s a modern CRM for the new Digital Era that works in perfect harmony with Office 365.

After the implementation of Dynamics 365, companies can choose from a wide variety of add-ons to further expand the functionality and to get more out of their investment.

We, at Logicom, push to bring you the best in Dynamics 365 add-on solutions into one single Marketplace in order to take your added-value and experience to a completely new level.


Maplytics, is the answer to getting more done in less time, by providing a powerful geo-analytics and data visualization in the language of your choice.

Key Capabilities to choosing Maplytics

  • Unlock the geographical aspect of Dynamics 365 CRM data

Maplytics works directly from within Dynamics 365 by geocoding and allow users to imagine their data on a map. This helps in making better decisions that improve Sales, Service and Marketing initiatives of an organization.

  • Schedule and manage appointments to elevate customer experience

Maplytics comes with a powerful Appointment Planner that supports the Sales teams to visualize their day and make the most of each appointment. It does not stop there! The teams can then use the Route Optimization feature to create and share optimized routes, all within Dynamics CRM.

  • Manage and distribute territories for better sales force engagement

With the ability to create multiple ‘Geographies’ for a single sales territory, Sales Managers can easily manage their sales territories on the map. Get insights about the sales contribution of territories to evaluate and measure the efficiency of sales teams. Create Heat maps to monitor regional sales performance and perform ad hoc analysis.

  • Find nearby customers to schedule impromptu meetings

The Radius Search feature can help you locate and identify nearby customers.

  • Level-up your customer engagement with Personalized and localized marketing campaigns tailored to improve brand’s reach

With the POI (Point of Interest) feature, Marketers can now find nearby events in order to organize more focused events that are convenient to their target audience. The ability to send Emails to the target lists and creating marketing prospects directly from the map increase the ROI of any marketing campaign.

Finally, Maplytics is a leading multi-language mapping app for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Logicom Cloud Partners can now provision Maplytics through the Logicom Cloud Marketplace.