Enrich Your Customer And Team Experience With Collaboration

Nowadays, technology is evolving at blinding speed, with innovative solutions arriving to the market every day. Most of these new technologies are addressing the challenges and issues that most businesses face, and therefore companies that are adopting this new breed of solutions benefit from increased efficiency and improvement in market competiveness.

Digital Transformation and the road to customer-centric organizations is driving the way companies are improving their operation systems, and the right collaboration solution will allow any team to not only cooperate liberally but also plan, share ideas, track progress, offer reporting and improve the team’s overall efficiency.


The Three pillars of Collaboration


1.    Team Collaboration

The most significant aspect of collaboration is the capability to track all team members’ progress in one place. It will keep the whole team informed and connected about everyone’s task progress and manage them more properly.

2.    Planning and Execution

Advanced and modern collaboration solutions enable a holistic view on organization planning and resource allocation and allows better planning, improved resource allocation and better decision making.

3.    Centralization and Security

Having all the tools bundled with all the important information and documents in one place make work easier and safer. Keeping all documents stored in a single-centralized location enables accurate monitoring of throughout the lifespan of a file and it gives you the opportunity to access them whenever and wherever you need them. Also centralized files repositories enable better user management, improved user access rights implementation and an overall increased security for your company’s most valuable documents.



The Cloud based collaboration solutions


Companies nowadays need to elevate their Customer Experience beyond the normal borders in order to exceed their expectations.

Therefore, your team will need better tools to both engage across multiple platforms and collaborate internally to get the most updated information.

The only way to keep track with your customers’ ever-changing needs and with a radically changing business environment, is through the extensive adoption and high utilization of the latest technologies and cloud solutions.

Your Customer Experience will then be shaped by digital transformation’s most important characteristics:

  • Communication thru the preferred customer’s channel
  • Anticipate needs and pro-actively offer innovative solutions
  • Unified experience through all available channels
  • Flexible options for services: Self-serve, web chat, voice, video, etc.
  • Personalized experience to meet each customer’s unique needs and demands
  • Self-service with straight-through processing
  • Fast and reduced time-to-market

No matter where your company stands before those characteristics, this is the trend towards which your customers are moving in a fast pace!

So now is the time to take control and enable Digital Transformation through the cloud-based collaboration solutions that will help your company evolve, and take your customer experience to a new level.

Now is the time to adopt the change and to increase client loyalty and benefit from increased business.


Finally, with the Collaboration Solutions that Logicom offers, you can start working Smarter and not Harder right now!

Discover Solutions

A complete, intelligent solution that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely. Microsoft 365 brings together productivity, security, and OS/device solutions into a single, comprehensive offering—growing your revenue potential.

Collaborate your way and manage changes in shared documents, whether you’re working offline, online or simultaneously together. Work with others on the same files stored in cloud, see changes in real time, then save your files with you Windows PC and access them even when you are working offline. Get Office Today, and choose the option that is right for you!

Edit, Share, synchronize and secure files from anywhere – online and offline! Key Characteristics:  Encrypted and cached on the Vault  Backed-up in a secure Datacenter  Mobilized  Synchronized  Shared  Online editable through Office 365 integration

Work Smarter, Anywhere! Microsoft Exchange Online lets you accomplish more with your email, with bigger and more reliable mailboxes, document sharing and enhanced archiving, security and compliance features.

Build your own Mobile app without having to code, and drive e-commerce sales and leverage social tools, all from this tool!

Setup your perfect workflow, invite team members and clients to your project with MeisterTask’s multi-platform task management features! Adding it to Office 365 solutions provides your customers a unique flexible and intuitive environment.

The ultimate email productivity tool that enables you to send messages at the perfect time, get a reminder if your email doesn’t receive a response and add a smart calendar assistant that lets you schedule meetings and share real time availability, all without leaving your email!

A dynamic cloud-based document composition and automation engine designed to help you manage all of your document content and processes withing Office 365 environment.

A Sales and Marketing CRM that enables teams to turn business connections into relationships that drive results.

Perfect for creating powerful presentations and personalizing spreadsheets, docs, charts and backgrounds with HD images, icons and illustrations right inside Office 365 or on the web.

Digital Asset Management with end-user focus and O365 integration. Pickit Business Images is a web app with distribution on the web and inside PowerPoint, Word and OneNote online.

ContractZen is the ultimate solution for everyday due diligence. One easy-to-use cloud service with contract and meeting management, virtual data rooms (VDR), e-signature and more!

Zoho CRM is an online customer relationship management software for managing Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support in a single business system.

Qorus empowers your teams to drive more sales by enabling them to discover, use and analyze the best content.

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