Creating More Value (and Revenue) Selling Office 365

Creating More Value (and Revenue) Selling Office 365

You’ve heard it over and over. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the ultimate goal, the Holy Grail, the most important issue anyone in the IT channel should focus on. Is that true? Is it a good thing?

BitTitan produced a very interesting White paper available for download here where it successfully answers these questions. BitTitan is the developer of MigrationWiz, the comprehensive migration toolset for The Complete MSP, the service provider who goes far beyond monitoring and actioning alerts to complete administration and proactive management of customer networks.

Thousands of MSPs have dramatically expanded their businesses by offering their customers certainty that their data, email, document, and all other migrations are complete and accurate when moving from onpremises to Microsoft Office 365 environments. They then continue beyond the implementation to provide the training and ongoing support required to keep users productive.

In this white paper, BitTitan starts by briefly examining how MRR works, why it is perceived as being so important, and why it doesn’t have to be the whole story. There is, in fact, much more opportunity to be pursued, captured, and enjoyed. BitTitan then explores the services customers need in assessing their network’s current state, data assets, user communities, and steps for determining what their future state should look like. They will need help selecting their preferred Office 365 plan and the cloud subscriptions that support it, configuring those options, planning and designing their new cloud-based environments, and developing an initial project plan. All of these, by the way, are fee-based revenue-generating activities for you.

Execution of the project plan will require a variety of services provided by you, the value-added partner. These include ordering the subscriptions, provisioning and configuring the services, upgrading client devices, migrating data and applications, integrating various cloud provider’s services so they work well together, and more.

Finally, BitTitan focuses on the users, making sure they are well-trained in the effective use of Office 365 and related applications, and they are comfortable with self-service portals and support options.