Be On Top of Your Data Security!

Be On Top of Your Data Security!

As the technology is rapidly advancing more and more in our daily lives, more and more personal and non-personal information is gathered in the hands of a handful of companies. Now imagine that those data are hacked or in end-up in the wrong hands! Such incidents are already taking place with many examples from large and small corporations ending up in big lawsuits and decreased user trust.

When sensitive data enters the cloud, the risk for hacks increases and important security challenges threaten organizations as they migrate their IT workloads into the cloud. So companies are bound to use different components of cloud security solutions in order to maintain the security of their data.

We highlight best practices that businesses should use to address the exposures and threats in the move to the cloud, which, when combined with Logicom Cloud Marketplace’s security solutions can give you the best in class security based on Cloud Services!

Cloud consumers must comprehend their networks and applications to define how to deliver functionality, flexibility, and security for cloud-based systems. A comprehensive appraisal must be performed across the lifecycle of applications and systems being deployed to the cloud, including planning, growth, deployment and operations.

Business should know whom to give credential to. They should have the capability to recognize and authenticate reliable users, give them the right user access privileges and enforce access control policies.

After managing the access control across the platforms, the data protection has in its turn some big challenges such as protecting it from unauthorized users, backing up the data in case of errors and preventing the accidental exposure of data that was allegedly deleted.

Security at Logicom Cloud

Security is the main concern at Logicom from the very beginning of our Cloud Business and we strongly believe that security will fuel digitization.

Thus, We Offer a variety of solutions to cater to the needs of our partners concerning security and to help them in their journey for a more secure cloud environment.


Get a Solution built to deliver apps and data access across all devices while helping keep your business secure.

Ranked as the number One Cybersecurity software on the global market, Bitdefender protects 500 million endpoints from known and zero-day threats.

Protect your email in real time against unknown and sophisticated attacks.

Two-step verification is a method of authentication that requires more than one verification method and adds a critical second layer of security to user sign-ins and transactions.

Identity and access management for the cloud to protect sensitive data and applications.

Better protect your sensitive information anytime, anywhere.

Actionable intelligence to understand organization risk profile and respond to changing threat conditions.  

World Class, email security solution, designed to work seamlessly alongside Microsoft email platforms. It detects and blocks fast-breaking zero-day email threats up to 48 hours ahead of the market, including spam, phishing, whaling and ransomware attacks.

Now more than ever, it’s important for companies to make security an utmost priority and take responsibility for protecting their users. That is where our Security focus came aligned with Logicom Cloud strategy for 2018, working on creating a more secure environment for our Cloud Partners.