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Migration to Cloud

Migrate your workloads to the Cloud efficiently while keeping the data safe and apps/workloads running. In this solution we use the Azure Site Recovery to replicate the data to Azure Cloud.

Azure Site Recovery contributes to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy, by orchestrating and automating replication of Azure VMs between regions, on-premises virtual machines and physical servers to Azure, and on-premises machines to a secondary datacenter.

Solution Characteristics and Business Benefits​

Solution Characteristics
  • Automated replication
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Test applications in Azure before migration
  • No impact on source environment
  • Orchestrated environment migration to Azure
  • Replication-to Azure only once
Business Benefits
  • Reduce the burden on IT and lower costs for your on-premises infrastructure
  • Control where you run apps and store data for a true hybrid experience
  • Increase datacenter agility with on demand, near-limitless cloud scalability
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Solution Reference Architecture

Indicative Diagram


  • You can use ASR to migrate from Physical, Hyper-V, Vmware and AWS to Azure
  • VMs in Azure are not created until a failover occurs
  • Azure VPN is not mandatory but recommended for DR implementations with ASR
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Solutions Component Details

This solution consists of the following Azure resources
  • Resource Group: A logical container for a collection of resources that can be treated as one logical instance. You can use resource groups to control all of their members collectively
  • Virtual network: A logically isolated network in Microsoft Azure
  • Storage Account: Microsoft Azure cloud storage to store the protected data
  • Backup & Site Recovery (OMS): Azure resource for site recovery
  • Configuration Server: Deployed on premise for VMWare VMs and Physical servers.
  • Optional Network solutions for Site to Site connection if needed
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Solutions Implementation Steps and references

Implementation Steps


  • Migrating instances to Azure follows the same process of Azure Disaster Recovery along with a one time failover which is effectively the migration
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Solution Reference Sizing

This solution has the following cost factors:

  • Azure Site recovery price per month per instance
  • Size of Data protected
  • VMs and VPN connection if needed


  • You can use Azure Migrate for free for discovery and assessment of on premise VMS (Details)
  • Every instance that is protected/migrated with ASR is free for the first 31 days
  • With existing Windows licenses with Software Assurance you are granted up to 40% discount on Azure VMs (up to 2 VMs, up to 16 Cores) (Details)

Indicative configuration and pricing summary:

*All prices shown are in Euro (€). This is a summary estimate, not a quote. For up to date pricing information please contact your local Logicom team.

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